CIP systems complete engineering design supply and upgrade/ improvement solutions

Our CIP systems consists of various cleaning medium tanks for process water, cleaning solution and returned water. The system or tank size is adjusted to the cleaning cycles required. The number of cleaning systems installed determines the cleaning frequency, the simultaneous execution of operations and the number of objects. The systems are technically equipped and configured to meet the cleaning objectives defined. From standalone CIP systems to modular CIP skids we work with you to find the optimal solution to properly clean and sanitize your equipment. All our CIP systems includes control panel, from touch-screen to SCADA systems.


The system consists of a caustic/acid tank for the ready-made cleaning solution, pre-assembled on a base frame. The cleaning solution is circulated and heated up to the operating temperature. Conductivity measurement & in-line concentrate metering ensure that the required amount of caustic solution is added. The caustic solution flow rates are adjusted by the cleaning program.